We’re back. If you attended last year’s event, you already know - Don’t Skip the Skip Session!

With our returning moderator, Mike Goins of TD Bank, and a host of experts, this session begins with a theoretical discussion focusing on big data, analytics and turning data into knowledge. From there, we move to practical applications of skip waterfalls, and the challenges involved as well as tracking and the understanding the ROI of various solutions. We’ll highlight twelve solution provider options in our quick look Fast Track Solution Provider session. Then, we move to Challenges and Strategies for Locating Collateral. Skip Vendor Oversight will return to the agenda, and we’ve added a new segment specifically to discuss Dormant Judgment Collections.

And, that just gets us started at Debt Connection Symposium & Expo 2019.

Tuesday - September 10, 2019
Time Event
8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions - Master of Ceremonies
Moderator: Mike Goins, TD Bank
We’re back. If you attended last year’s event, you already know - Don’t Skip the Skip Session! We’ll start the day with a panel of operational industry experts—talking about their strategies to locate consumers and their skip tracing operational success stories. Hear thoughts on when to skip, who to skip, how to skip, where to skip and the ROI on the various skip tracing activities.
8:00 a.m. – 8:20 a.m. Continental Breakfast
8:20 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions - Opening Remarks
Moderator: Mike Goins, TD Bank
8:30 a.m. - 9:15 a.m. Data Sources - Making Better Use of Data and Alternative Data Panel
Rod ArendsSoutheast Toyota Finance - Service Center Operations
Dion GageExeter
A theoretical approach focusing on big data, analytics and turning data in to usable knowledge
9:15 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. A Practical Approach to Skip Waterfalls - The Who, What, When, Where and Why Panel
Chris MitchamSecurity National Automobile Acceptance Company "SNAAC"
Larry RandazzoDollar Financial Group (Money Mart)
The A-Z of waterfall options and ROI for various solutions
10:00 a.m. - 10:20 a.m. Break
10:20 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. Vendor Solution Discussions – Vendor Solution Fast Track
What is Happening with Skip? – Hear about product solutions/ROI for various types. It’s really a "What’s New" Discussion
Solution Providers:
CenterPoint Legal Solutions, Del Mar Recovery Solutions, DRN, Enformion, Experian, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, LocateSmarter, Plate Locate, RNN, TransUnion and VeriFacts Inc.
10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Challenges and Strategies for Locating Collateral
Jeremiah WheelerDRN
John LewisIntellaegis, Inc.
James DotsonPrestige Financial Services
11:30 p.m. - 12:00 p.m. Skip Vendor Oversight
Bev Evancic, Resource Management Services, Inc.
Dave Snyder, Midland Credit Management
12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. Dormant Judgment Collections - Post Judgment Asset Water Falls – Tricks and Traps
Brian Winn, Winn Law Group
So, you’ve got the judgment, and now are just waiting for money to roll in? A good strategy and the appropriate use of available tools and resources can make a difference in maximizing collections on dormant judgments. Learn Tricks and Traps involved with using an Asset Waterfall for dormant judgments. Hear ideas for measuring success and calculating the ROI of your investment. Hear concepts to make sure that you don’t get trapped by some easy-to-make, but very expensive mistakes.
Topic and Biography

Mike Goins
TD Bank

Topic: Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions
Don’t Skip this Special Skip Session. It all starts with locating people! We’ll start the day with a panel of operational industry experts—talking about their strategies to locate consumers and their skip tracing operational success stories. Hear thoughts on when to skip, who to skip, how to skip, where to skip and the ROI on the various skip tracing activities. Get up-to-date quickly with our solution provider hour, where 20 solution providers give their 3 minute elevator pitch. Then on to our Asset Locate panel, and winding up with Skip Vendor Oversight.

Biography: Mr. Goins is responsible for the operation of Loss Mitigation, Foreclosure, Repossession and Redemption Management, Bankruptcy, Loss Recovery - including Internal Recovery Collection, Collection Agency Management, Litigation Management and Debt Sale Strategies all of which are executed from the Jacksonville, FL and Falmouth, ME locations of TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank.

He has also participated in professional organizations and advisory boards, conducted Webinars and have spoken as keynote and a panelist on the topic of Loss Recovery, Collections, Repossession and Debt Sales at multiple national collection, remarketing and repossession conferences such as NCCR, Re3, NARS, CRS, DCS and Auto Finance Risk Summit.

Speakers Topic and Biography

Rod Arends
Southeast Toyota Finance - Service Center Operations
Topic: Data Sources - Making Better Use of Data and Alternative Data
A theoretical approach focusing on big data, analytics and turning data in to usable knowledge

Biography: Rod Arends is vice president of Southeast Toyota Finance - Service Center Operations. He has more than 30 years of experience in managing both captive and independent vehicle finance portfolios, and excels in deploying leading-edge servicing technologies and strategies to improve operational performance. Arends is responsible for leading account servicing functions within the Southeast Toyota Finance service centers in St. Louis, Mo., and Mobile, Ala. He joined the company in June 2007 as director of Collections and was promoted to vice president in June 2011.

James Dotson

Topic: Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions: Challenges and Strategies for Locating Collateral

Biography: As of 2019, James Dotson has been with Prestige for 17 years. James has worked in finance for more than 23 years, spending time in various segments of the credit industry. James started his career as a front-line collector at Discover Card and has spent time in various roles in credit card and sub-prime auto finance. James has been a VP with Prestige for 10+ years and his oversight has included collections, deficiency recoveries, repossession liquidations, customer service, bankruptcy and insurance claims. James has a bachelor of science degree in business/finance from the University of Utah.

In his spare time James enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, softball and any activity with his kids.

James has 8 kids ranging in age from 24 to 8 years old. His 3 oldest boys have graduated school and started their own young families. His oldest daughter is a senior in high school, he has 2 junior high school students and 2 elementary school students.

Bev Evancic
Resource Management Services, Inc.

Topic: Skip Vendor Oversight

Biography: Bev Evancic has almost 25 years experience in collection and recovery. She has managed all phases of collection and recovery operations, including automated dialer units, bankruptcy and legal units, skip tracing units, internal collections, outside collection agency networks, and Consumer Credit Counseling.

As a Consultant for Resource Management Services, Inc., Bev has spearheaded collection and recovery best practices reviews for many top credit grantors. Her articles on dialer operations, agency management and bankruptcy best practices have been widely publicized.

Prior to joining Resource Management Services, Inc. in 1995, Bev managed the Recovery Department for AT&T Universal Card Services where she reengineered the bankruptcy, probate, internal and litigation processes.

Dion Gage
Topic: Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions: Data Sources - Making Better Use of Data and Alternative Data
A theoretical approach focusing on big data, analytics and turning data in to usable knowledge

Biography: Dion Gage is the Director of Vendor Management for Exeter Finance. He has 13+ years working in the Auto Finance industry with 7+ of those years working in vendor management. He has worked managing vendors domestic and internationally whose services included customer service, all stages of collections, repossession, deficiency, and debt sale. Currently Dion is responsible for managing Exeter’s repossession platform.

John Lewis
Topic: Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions: Challenges and Strategies for Locating Collateral

Biography: John Lewis is the founder and CEO of Intellaegis. Their SaaS platform for debt collection, masterQueue®, is a collection, compliance, skip tracing and recovery management platform that uses AI and workflow automation to improve high-risk debt collection efforts by some of the largest lenders and vendors in auto finance.

John started his career in auto finance as a repossessor for Chrysler Credit in 1982. In 1988, he started one of the first skip tracing companies in the US, Skipbusters. Then he founded several repossession companies in Southern and Northern California, and ultimately American Recovery Service (ARS), the first repossession forwarding company, in 1994. Today, skip-tracing and forwarding in auto finance are billion-dollar industries and a main component of every major lender's skip and repo strategies.

After selling these companies in 1999, John came back to build masterQueue in 2007, starting first by building FindJohnDoe to help develop and test masterQueue, and then RepoRoute, to help repossessors be more efficient in the field, and lenders to create more effective repo assignments using AI. After selling FindJohnDoe to Location Services and RepoRoute to Steve Schroeder, founder of CoreLogic (CLGX), John’s focus is now 100% on continuing to develop masterQueue into the dominant platform for contact management and analytics in high risk debt collection across multiple verticals including and beyond auto finance.

Chris Mitcham
Security National Automobile Acceptance Company "SNAAC"

Topic: A Practical Approach to Skip Waterfalls - The Who, What, When, Where and Why Panel
The A-Z of waterfall options and ROI for various solutions

Biography: Chris Mitcham currently serves as the SVP of Servicing at Security National Automobile Acceptance Company "SNAAC". In this role he oversees all loan servicing, loss mitigation, recovery, and remarketing operations. With over 18 years of industry experience, he has directly managed the acquisition, origination, and/or servicing of over $4B in automotive receivables across the credit spectrum. Further experiences in the direct to consumer and risk management services arena provides a holistic view of the greater consumer finance industry. Mitcham's background has provided deep knowledge in automotive and consumer credit, alternative banking solutions, risk management, specialty finance, and capital markets space.

Larry Randazzo
Dollar Financial Group (Money Mart)

Topic: Skip Strategies & Solutions Sessions: Data Sources - A Practical Approach to Skip Waterfalls - The Who, What, When, Where and Why Panel
The A-Z of waterfall options and ROI for various solutions

Biography:Larry Randazzo has been with Dollar Financial for 2 years. He successfully leads Credit, Collections, Operational and Analytical teams accomplishing flawless execution of high-impact, business-critical initiatives. Defines objectives, benefits, deploys and measures the improvements from financial risk, efficiency, compliance, legal and governmental perspective. Utilizes proven leadership and management skills to effectively coach, motivate, empower, develop team players. As Senior Executive Leader in financial services with accomplished career in Risk and Collections Operations at industry-leading financial organizations.

Larry has worked with Bank of America as VP Default Servicing Operations, then as Sr. Director for American Express Co. Collections and Citi-Group Collections, managing agencies and skip trace the unit.

Dave Snyder
Midland Credit Management

Topic: Skip Vendor Oversight

Biography: Dave Snyder, currently a Director – Legal Outsourcing for Midland Credit Management, began his career working with a small creditor’s right firm in Southern California. Looking for new opportunities, Dave opened his own law firm and successfully represented creditors, collection agencies and “startup” enterprise. A role with JP Morgan Chase presented itself and Dave wound down his firm to move in house. Following his role with JP Morgan, Dave began his career with Midland Credit Management. Initially as the State Managing attorney for Midland Dave led the state of California and quickly grew to the Regional Managing Attorney position. Today, as the Director – Legal Outsourcing, Dave’s team supports the various needs of Midland Credit Management and their firms across the nation.

Brian Winn
Winn Law Group

Topic: Dormant Judgment Collections - Post Judgment Asset Water Falls – Tricks and Traps
So, you’ve got the judgment, and now are just waiting for money to roll in? A good strategy and the appropriate use of available tools and resources can make a difference in maximizing collections on dormant judgments. Learn Tricks and Traps involved with using an Asset Waterfall for dormant judgments. Hear ideas for measuring success and calculating the ROI of your investment. Hear concepts to make sure that you don’t get trapped by some easy-to-make, but very expensive mistakes.

Biography: As one of the leading collection attorneys in California, Brian N. Winn recognized the need for creditor's attorneys to have a united voice in California. As a result, the California Creditors Bar Association (www.calcba.org) was formed in 2004, with Mr. Winn as its first President. This organization offers the California Courts, Legislature and Judiciary a single source of information for creditor's rights from more than forty California creditor law firms with the assistance of CCBA. On July 1, 2007, the California Judicial Council approved CCBA's proposed revision creating a special collection track within Fast Track to streamline the Courts Dockets, an elimination of numerous court procedures for collection cases, saving countless resources for Courts, Lawyers, Clients and Litigants.
Read More »

Jeremiah Wheeler

Topic: Challenges and Strategies for Locating Collateral

Biography: Executive Vice President and General Manager, FinTech, Jeremiah heads up the division for DRN’s FinTech business, including business development, data collection and strategy efforts driving DRN’s license plate recognition (LPR) data and analytics solutions for collections and recovery in the auto finance and financial services industry. Prior to joining DRN more than 7 years ago, Jeremiah lead one of the largest repossession companies in the US, with more than 65 Trucks, covering 6 states and also having national coverage with the top 20 auto lenders for recovery services. He serves on two committees for the Receivables Management Association International and is very involved with numerous other financial services and recovery organizations. Jeremiah has been married for 17 years, has 4 kids, he enjoys spending time traveling with his family, teaching & coaching sports, mountain biking & most anything outdoors.

Speakers Biography

Aaron Rose
CenterPoint Legal Solutions

Biography: Aaron Rose has 18 years’ experience in the consumer finance industry. He has built a number of legal products and services both within and outside the consumer finance industry over the last 23 years. He has served as President of CenterPoint Legal Solutions since 2011, providing judgment enforcement, litigation services, and verified POE solutions.

Product Description: CenterPoint Skip Solutions
CenterPoint provides the most comprehensive asset location and verification services available. We deploy our state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to uncover and verify assets for judgment enforcement and collection efforts. By actively capturing, measuring, analyzing, and managing data our professional and compliant methods deliver verifiable results and distinguish us from our competition.

Our investigators have the drive to find account holders who don't want to be found. We look far beyond the standard databases for contact information and employ full-time investigators who leave no stone unturned when trying to locate an account holder.

Claudia Placentia
Del Mar Recovery Solutions

Biography: Claudia Plascencia joined Del Mar in 2014 to serve as Senior Vice President of Business Development. Claudia manages Business Development, Sales, Strategic Alliance Development, Marketing and Client and Service Satisfaction. She is a recognized leader in the industry with an established reputation for providing impeccable quality and high performance. With over 23 years of experience, Claudia, has been driving business development, strategic alliances, sales, operations and project management.

Claudia has held key positions within corporations that service financial institutions specific to automotive lending and collections. She has also earned the National Women in Remarketing Recognition Excellence award, serves on the Board of Directors for the National Automotive Finance Association (NAF) and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as Used Car Week’s Repo Con. Claudia earned her bachelor’s degree from Kaplan University.

Product Description: Getting The Most Out of Skip Tracing
Using The Right Tools at the Right Time
Balance, number of accounts, staff limitations and other factors deter-mine the right tools to use at the right time. If you have more than a few hundred accounts to work in a given month consider batch processing as a first line of defense.

Develop Metrics
Measuring the impact of your skip tracing will help you improve your results over time. It will also help you determine the account criteria needed to warrant spending time and money on a skip account. Important metrics to track or periodically estimate include return on investment (ROI), total dollars collected, cost per right party contact, and call penetration rate.

Stephen Nethery

Biography: Stephen Nethery, DRN’s SVP of Client Services, works with lenders to optimize their collections and recovery workflows using data-driven insights to manage risk and drive revenue. The Client Services group is dedicated to providing strategic consulting and training on the use of DRN's vehicle location data and analytics and provides reporting and analysis guide ROI discussions, process optimization strategies and opportunity generation.

Product Description: DRNsights
Lenders rely on DRN’s vehicle location data and analytics to risk mitigation strategies at collections and recovery. With DRN, lenders recover 35% more vehicles, avoid charge-off losses, and reduce skip fees. At collections, DRN’s data and analytics improve right party contact rates and help cure loans. Lenders subscribe to DRN’s data throughout the lifecycle of the loans for better portfolio performance. The road to revenue starts here. DRNdata.com

David Kapp

Biography: Established in 1986, Enformion founders are industry pioneers and experts in the data technology industry. The leading aggregator of public records data in the United States, Enformion knows big data with key long-standing strategic partnerships to only offer best of breed data, analytics and matching algorithms to businesses and government entities seeking insights on people, places, businesses and relationships in the United States.

Enformion leverages 30+ years of experience aggregating and matching disparate data sets, harnessing billions of public and proprietary data records to provide accurate, up-to-date information in the form of detailed comprehensive reports driven by a single query or a batch file request. In excess of 42B records have been collected from 6,000+ data sources and curated to offer the most extensive and accurate resource available to increase your right-party contact rates and recovery efforts.

Product Description: Premium People Search
Premium People Search reports uniquely provides a powerful, state of the art, fully customizable, user friendly, feature rich interface that quickly, accurately and cost effectively delivers results. Premium People Search reports give you deeper insight by providing:
• Right-party contact, with best phone and address rankings
• Up-to-date landline and mobile phones
• Current address with address history, first and last seen dates
• Relatives and associates
• Place of employment + more that strengthens your skip tracing ability

Premium People Search data elements are available via:
• Web Access
• API Access
• Batch Processing

Denise McKendall

Biography: Denise McKendall is the Director of Collection Solutions at Experian with over fifteen years of experience in defining impactful business strategies by leveraging data and analytics in the financial services industry. Denise's specialty is optimizing revenue and performance through segmentation with a breadth of knowledge and experience in performance through segmentation, title loan collections, and call center contact strategies, credit card and mortgage acquisitions, and portfolio management. Denise enjoys playing with her son, a good Netflix binge, and can also be found spending time at the beach in sunny southern CA.

Product Description: TrueTrace
TrueTraceTM is Experian’s most powerful skip locating product. Our data sources include more than 200M consumers from our core credit database (FileOne), more than 100M thin-file and underbanked consumers from Clarity, and other exclusive sources, such as Experian RentBureau. This unique combination of information makes TrueTrace more robust and accurate than any product of its kind. Experian has also enhanced our processes to further evaluate the data quality based on source, age, and most recent update date to return a confidence score. TrueTrace has also achieved over a 10 percent lift in right-party contact rate against our competition.

Denise Cross
LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Biography: Denise Cross has worked as a Consultant for thirteen years to the LexisNexis Receivable Management Division, Private Investigations and Financial Services Division. Her primary focus is workflow analysis and design. In addition, she has a heavy focus on compliance.

Denise has 32 years of experience in the Receivables Management market, which encompasses all aspects of the collection cycle. She has worked a multitude of portfolio types: auto deficiency, retail, bankcard, commercial collections, healthcare, early stage delinquencies and student loans.

Denise’s career started 1987 as a collector with CSC Credit Service and moved through management, ultimately becoming General Manager, prior to her departure in 1995. She worked as a Collection Manager for USAGroup (Sallie Mae) and prior to joining LexisNexis, worked as the Legal Recovery Manager for Mutual Hospital Services for several years.

Product Description: Collections and Investigations Solutions
LexisNexis Risk Solutions offers solutions and products that span the course of your customer lifecycle from loan origination through litigation and charge off.

Michael Magarrell
LocateSmarter, LLC

Biography: Michael Magarrell, Account Development Executive, brings 30 years of experience in the BPO space to LocateSmarter and uses that experience to solve real issues for clients. Michael takes a consultative approach to building good partner relationships and often relies on his analytic capabilities to ensure he gets the solution right every time. Michael has dual bachelors degrees (Business Administration and eBusiness) and an MBA in Administration & Technology Management from University of Phoenix.

Product Description: LocateScore Phone Score
LocateSmarter is known for its focus on quality and our newest product offering upholds that standard. LocateScore is a phone score that tells you which phone number to call to connect you with the person you need to talk to. Additionally, the ability to identify wrong numbers can be just as important as identifying right numbers. Using LocateScore in your dialing strategy you can reach 80% of your Right Party Contacts (RPC) in 50% of your phone inventory while eliminating 60% of your wrong numbers. Less waste, less risk, more efficient.

Adam J. Fader
Plate Locate

Biography: Adam Fader is the Vice President of Client Relations & Vendor Oversight for Plate Locate, a National License Plate Recognition and Repossession Management company that helps make auto finance companies asset recovery process more timely, productive and profitable.

Before joining Plate Locate in June 2018, Adam served as the Vendor Manager for Location Services where he managed a nationwide network of repossession service providers. Adam began his career in 2008 as a skip tracer with IGS Nevada located in Las Vegas, NV who later became Location Services.

During his tenure at Location Services, Adam showcased his leadership abilities and tremendous work ethic to later become the VP Client and Vendor Services. In this role, Adam managed a network of over 500 repossession agencies nationwide and was responsible for the company’s adherence of their client’s service level agreements.

Adam has the proven abilities in vendor management, regulatory compliance, operations management and business development. His ability to quickly adapt to new concepts and change, coupled with his leadership and industry knowledge, has helped catapult Plate Locate as the premier provider of LPR and Repossession Management Services to the auto finance industry.

“I am deeply passionate about helping others develop their skill set to achieve their goals. I am a firm believer that business is about people, and I have always been good at understanding people.” - Adam J Fader

Product Description: Nationwide LPR and Repossession Management Services
Plate Locate offers a full spectrum of loss mitigation services backed by best-in-class compliance, performance and industry leading LPR technology. Our full range of nationwide collateral recovery services include:

- License Plate Recognition Technology
- LPR Staging
- Forwarding
- Transportation & Logistics
- Key Cutting

Stop by the Plate Locate booth located at #308 and speak to one of our experts on how to make your asset recovery process more timely, productive and profitable.

Teesee Murray
RNN Group, Inc.

Biography: Teesee Murray is a global technology executive with broad experience launching innovative cloud and digital solutions to improve business results. Teesee enjoys partnering with customers, focusing on achieving their goals using technology, AI, machine learning and power of super computing cloud like AWS. She is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and recently completed MIT’s program on AI and Machine Learning. Currently Teesee is Chief Digital Officer at RNN Group.

Product Description: You-Negotiate
RNN is excited to launch You-Negotiate, a first-of-its kind self-service negotiation tool. You-Negotiate creates a win/ win for consumers and debt owners. It’s simple to use – Consumers don’t ever need to talk with anyone while negotiating, including possibly even playing less. Security and Compliance are part of the total package. Hear how early adopters are recovering over 20% more with You-Negotiate.

Peter Ghiselli

Biography: Peter Ghiselli is a seasoned executive in the financial services industry with expertise in business development, finance, personnel, training program management, compliance, information technology and operations. His 20-year track record of leadership in establishing successful programs and directing operations spans credit lending, risk management, collections and global information organizations.

Ghiselli’s career encompasses customer care, first and third-party collections, debt sales and debt purchasing in a variety of market verticals, including bankcard, education, auto, mortgage, consumer loans, energy, government, healthcare and telecommunications. In his current role at TransUnion, he leads the collections business unit in developing solutions, defining strategies, and directing go-to-market and selling activities.

Product Description: TransUnion's TLOxp® with batch processing and API capability
TransUnion’s TLOxp® is the fastest and most efficient way to uncover, locate and verify information on individuals and businesses. With advanced tools and proprietary linking technology, TLOxp skip tracing software filters through billions of public and proprietary records to help you complete weeks or even months of legwork in seconds. This state-of-the-art technology can be used through a user-friendly and customizable online interface. Information can also be delivered immediately through direct API connections straight into your own software platform or though batch services for bulk data appends and searches.

Josie Donna

Biography: Josie Donna has served as the Director of Sales with VeriFacts since 2016. Prior to her current position, Josie’s seven-year career with the company has included roles in operations as well as the Director of Client Services. Through her various roles, Josie has built and managed client relationships, client development, sales strategy and organizational growth.

Using her years of experience working on the Sales, Clients Services and Operations teams, Josie has developed customized solutions for clients across a multitude of portfolio types including: student loan, litigation, early stage, deficiency, bankcard, retail and medical. Josie also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Product Description: VeriFacts has supported the financial industry for over 30 years, providing verified places of employment or residential locations customized to each client’s strategy. Whether you’re implementing a dialing campaign or legal processes, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to provide you a solution to increase revenue and deliver a fast ROI! Our programs work off a no hit / no fee pricing structure and each locate is 100% guaranteed! We create an easy, simple solution that maintains your company image and is customized to your process!

Debt Connection Symposium and Expo

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